Meet Melinda Klescewski, Director of Hospitality, Vino Noceto

One of the many joys Melinda Klescewski experiences as Director of Hospitality for Vino Noceto is the delight she sees in guests’ faces as they sip and savor the perfect pairings offered at the weekend Food and Wine Tasting Experience. Six different wines are paired with carefully chosen and delectable bites prepared by Chef Beth Sogaard of Amador Vintage Market. “Guests take the first sip and nod approval, then take the first food offering in one full bite, and sip again. That’s when the magic happens. Flavors explode in their mouths and their eyes grow as big as tea cups. It’s wonderful.”


 “I want people to know about the wines of Vino Noceto, the wines of Amador, and the people and beauty of this very different, unspoiled, and beautiful place.”

—Vino Noceto’s signature wine is Sangiovese—all planted on the Estate in different blocks with different clones, producing six different Sangioveses. One of the fights offered in the winery’s recently and beautifully remodeled tasting room is an Estate Tasting where guests have an opportunity to try all six Sangioveses. Educating guests about Sangiovese and about the joy and importance of tasting wine with food is one of Melinda’s goals.

“In Italy, wine is often consumed all day long but it is always served with food,” she says and it’s this tandem pairing she wants her guests to know, understand, and appreciate. “It’s not about drinking a glass or two of wine then figuring out what you are going to eat, but the way the food and wine enhance each other, enhance life.”

She also wants her guests to feel comfortable about wine and not be intimidated if they are new to tasting or have had only limited exposure. “We want our guests to have a great tasting experience at Vino Noceto, whether at our Food and Wine Tasting Bar our daily Farm to Glass tours or in the tasting room. We encourage them to ask questions, give them a chance to talk about what they know or want to know. Our hope is they will leave knowing one or canadian online casinos two more things about wine then when they came. This knowledge will help them feel more confident about wine and will lead to greater enjoyment.”

Melinda has appreciated—and enjoyed–wine since her twenty-first birthday when her mother took her wine tasting. She knew almost immediately that wine would be her passion and has spent her long career in the industry. After taking a break from a position she held in Monterey County for twenty-five years and casting about for a new career path, she found herself coming back again and again to this passion—wine. She was offered a position first at Amador 360, then at Vino Noceto. This meant a move from her long-time home, but one she made with no regrets.

“Amador County and Amador wines are special,” she says. “I want people to know about the wines of Vino Noceto, the wines of Amador, and the people and beauty of this very different, unspoiled, and beautiful place.”

One sip and savor at a time.

Vino Noceto Tasting Room

Vino Noceto Tasting Room

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Contact Info

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