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Allow me to introduce myself: Anamieke Kegge. I’m the managing editor of Amador Four Fires Online.  Together we are about to embark on a grand Amador adventure. During that time, please introduce yourself to us, as we look forward to getting to know you better!

“the weeks ahead, you’ll be immersed in the fiery passions.. of Amador.” 

Not just another one of those static web addresses that goes up and never changes, A4F Online is a diverse broadcast network starting with this eZine, and connecting us all together through all facets of social media.

Every week, we’ll have some genuine Amador gold for you…and every week, we want to know what you think.

Look for winemaker interviews and trivia nights on Facebook, professional pairings on Pinterest, behind the scenes shots on Instagram, and live Q&A’s on Twitter.  You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a catalyst for the original Farm to Fork movement: the rural county fair. Throughout the weeks ahead you will be immersed in the fiery passions of great food, wine and community that is the heart of Amador County. You are on your way to going Amador local.

In our inaugural edition, we’re proud to welcome a Guest Editorial from distinguished wine columnist Mike Dunne.  Read all about Amador Four Fires from the woman who envisioned it, Amador’s Deirdre Mueller. You’ll find out why all proceeds from A4F benefit the Amador County Fair Foundation. Check out our regular columns. Every month, Deirdre will introduce us to one of the “artists” of Amador; this time its winemaker Jeff Runquist. Brian Miller looks at Amador with a 360 (degree) perspective, and this month highlights Ann Kraemer’s Shake Ridge Vineyard, and Sam Sebastiani’s Double Gold with Amador grapes. Nancy Johnson wants us to meet all those people you’re going to encounter in Amador’s legendarily personalized Tasting Rooms. First up, Dewey Allan at BellaGrace Vineyards.

Hang on!  Along our journey through Amador we’ll be using multiple platforms and apps to keep you in the loop on all things Amador. In my next Editor’s Blog, we will feature four of the most popular apps for finding the best wines in Amador County. Until then, cheers!


Anamieke Kegge

Managing Editor, Digital Media

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